Blackjack Strategy Chart

basic blackjack strategy chart

Blackjack Strategy Chart

The basic blackjack strategy chart clearly outlines the best probable decision for people who do not count cards on their hands. It goes without saying that without the presence of an Ace, there will be an effect on the probabilities of making an appropriate decision in some situations. That said, the effectiveness of the blackjack card counting technique relies not on whether the person can count cards or not but on whether he or she can make good decisions under pressure. This article will briefly discuss one method of assessing the effectiveness of counting cards in terms of making good blackjack decisions.

There are many people who are keen to make money from gambling and have made a business out of giving advice on how to play blackjack better. However the fact is that making money out of blackjack is rarely based on how many cards you can tell are present on the table. The majority of successful blackjack players have a solid foundation of basic blackjack strategy charts to which they refer. These basic strategy charts help players identify how their actions will affect the probability of winning the hand they are playing.

The basis of this strategy chart is simple. On one side of the basic blackjack strategy chart is a row of eight marked numbers. These numbers are the Ace (first column), Queen (second column), King (third column), Jack (fourth column), Ten (fifth column) and Six (seventh column). Clearly these are based on traditional card decks. What makes them interesting to read is the idea that each card of the deck can, in theory, influence the other cards in a hand and the likelihood of winning.

In the fourteenth and fifteenth rows there are two sets of cards. On the top half of the table the dealer reveals his cards while at the bottom those players who raised the bets will reveal theirs. For the purpose of simplicity this can be assumed to mean that the dealer has a full deck and no one has a full deck or anyone who has a low hand is required to reveal all their cards. Since the dealer doesn’t know what the other players are holding it is a good assumption that these players have the same cards.

This basic blackjack strategy chart is quite useful for a number of reasons. The first is when the bet has been placed before the deal begins. This helps to determine the expected value of the bet and the raise amount is usually based on the assumption that the bet has been raised by someone with an excellent hand. Once the bet has been made, the players may decide whether to stand up or fold based on whether the card counter has called. If the card counter calls, then either player has to call or fold.

Another great reason for using a blackjack strategy chart is if you are playing live and someone spots an opening or pocket. You can use this to your advantage by either calling it or folding if the bet has not yet reached the third card. You can do this because the bet has not reached the third card by definition if the dealer has not hit anything on the flop. There are many more reasons for using these charts but in summary they are quick and easy to make. They also allow you to quickly evaluate the situation without having to wait for the hands to be dealt.